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Satay BBQ Cooking Set Blue Elephant (Small)
Satay BBQ Cooking Set Blue Elephant (Small)

Thai Cooking Set Satay BBQ (170g)

The Satay BBQ is a legacy of Middle Eastern influence on the Thai Cuisine, it was developed from the Indian kebab brought by Muslim traders to Southeast Asia.

It is now one of the favourite Thai snacks ! The smoked taste of the chicken and the amazing smell of the peanut sauce, made this dish a national pride.

This Thai Premium Cooking Set includes Satay BBQ marinade, peanut sauce, bamboo sticks for your skewers and dried pandanus leaves – so all you need to buy is chicken or protein of your choice!


1.Satay BBQ Marinade
2.Peanut Sauce
3.Thai Dried Spice
4. Bamboo stick

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Spiciness Level



3-4 people

Preparation Time

Ready in 15 minutes


Contains peanuts, sesame, fish, soybean, mustard, wheat, and gluten

Nutrition Information

See Above

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