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Street Food Cooking Set Chiang Mai Noodles (140g)

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The Chiang Mai Noodles Soup, also known in Thailand as “Kao Soi”, is a handed down heritage by “Hor”, a Chinese tribe living at the border between Thailand and Laos.

Combining coconut milk-richness and a fragrant curry-based broth, this deeply savory soup has now become a synonym with the city of Chiang Mai.

Our Thai Premium Cooking Set will enable you to travel to Northern Thailand! It includes dried egg noodles, yellow curry paste, coconut cream powder and various dried spices (spring onions chili powder and cardamom).


1.Dried Egg Noodles
2.Thai Premium Yellow Curry Paste
3.Thai Dried Spices (Chili powder, Dried cardamom, Dried spring onion)

Additional Information

Weight 300 g
Spiciness Level



2 people

Preparation Time

Ready in 10 minutes


Contains mustard, egg, wheat, and gluten

Nutrition Information

See Above

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