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Dried Mango Slices 120g Blue Elephant (Small)
Dried Mango Slices 120g Blue Elephant (Small)

Dried Mango Slices (120g)

Mangoes are probably among the most popular fruits for Thai people and one of the most exotic for westerners. There are 200 distinct types of mangoes grown throughout Thailand at the moment; they range from extremely sour to mesmerizingly sweet.

Excellent snack and very healthy, those dried fruits have been developed with much less sugar than our existing crystallized mango snack and have 10% sugar only. These dried fruits are made with ‘Kaew Khamin’ mangoes, naturally sweet and gently dried to preserve all their amazing flavor and soft texture.


Mango, Sugar, Citric acid, Sodium Metabisulphite

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Weight 150 g


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