chef nooror

The Lady Chef behind the concept

Nooror Somany Steppe is the inspiration and central person behind the success of Blue Elephant, constantly working as an ambassador advocating Thai cuisine and Thai culture to all whom she encounters around the world.

a story of love & passion

Since 1980

Chef Nooror married to a Belgian art dealer, Karl Steppe, who has always been passionate about Thai culture and Thai cuisine. They opened the first Blue Elephant restaurant, pioneer of Thai cuisine in Europe with good friends and partners Chai Wayno & Somboon Insusri.

thai mothership

Chef Nooror lands home

Our Master Chef finally returned to her homeland to pilot the expansion of the group’s activities. The Blue Elephant Restaurant and Cooking School opened in Bangkok in 2002, followed by a Phuket branch in 2010.

broader, wider

Blue Elephant around the World

Chef Nooror always thrived to share her knowledge and passion for Thai Cuisine and ingredients worldwide. Throughout the years Blue Elephant branched out, developing a wide range of products and services offering a 360º Thai culinary expertise. From catering to consulting, from manufacturing to export… Blue Elephant continues to promote the wonders of Thai gastronomy. Chef Nooror’s Thai premium ingredients and recipes are now available in 38 countries, on 5 continents!