Meet the Chef

Mrs. Nooror Somany Steppe was born in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province where her sister owned a small restaurant. Growing up in these surroundings instilled in Mrs. Nooror both the love and the skills for cooking authentic Thai cuisine. During this time and her later years of living overseas she also acquired a strong proficiency in creating new Thai dishes with the authentic taste of traditional Thai cuisine.

This passion and skill for true authentic Thai cuisine are the important inspirations that brought forth the birth of the purveyor of such food on the world stage, Blue Elephant restaurants. She has a profound knowledge and experience of the Authentic Thai Cuisine finding her roots in the tradition and culture of her Chachoengsao upbringing.

She travelled around the world as a Star Chef to promote Thai Cuisine and accumulated on those occasions a thorough knowledge and understanding of the culinary values of the countries she visited. Furthermore, Chef Nooror also had the opportunity to work with Assoc. Professor Srisamon Kongpan, the specialist in Thai cooking of the past in “The Best of Thai Cuisine” TV show on TGN channel.

Her knowledge and experience of “Thai Cooking of the Past”, and “Thai Cuisine of Today” and her vision of the “Thai Kitchen of Tomorrow” make her stand out amongst the talented Chefs of the Kingdom. No wonder HAPA (Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2008 – 2010) has recognized her as “One of the Most Creative Chefs in Asia.”