Ready Meals

With the experience of 30 years of Blue Elephant International Group in Thai Restaurants and Indian
Restaurants, Blue Elephant Catering developed a range of ready meals for retailers and under the owned brands of:

  • Blue Elephant : Royal Thai Cuisine
  • La Porte des Indes : Indian Cuisine… With a difference!
  • Azian : that will bring you “ The taste of Asia” (Thai, Indian, Chinese and Japanese recipes)

To discover our range of exotic Azian meals:


We are able to answer to any special demand thanks to our R&D team composed by executive Chefs from our restaurants, with a Quality insurance (COMEOS FOOD standards and HACCP) and a trained production team.

Our philosophy is to give our customers the best satisfaction with quality. Our star Chef and co-founder
of Blue Elephant group, Khun Nooror SOMANY STEPPE, internationally recognized as a Thai cuisine
ambassador, is our guaranty to reach this target. Therefore, we always produce and provide original recipes using quality products to fully preserve authentic tastes.

Our fresh ready meals are available in Western Europe. For more information about all our recipes, you can contact us at