Our Story

Blue Elephant not only offers the true authenticity of Thai cuisine in its restaurants but now it is also available to you in individual portions and to caterers through a wide range of food services.

Our workshop in Belgium produces fresh ready meals mainly original from Thailand and India according to our Blue Elephant and La Porte des Indes recipes but also a wide range of tailor-made Food Service products (sauces and semi-finished products for kit/assemblage Cuisine & ready to cook home-made finger food). Our sophisticated and unique collection of curry pastes, spices, sauces and snacks (Blue Elephant Grocery line) will allow you to cook at home all the traditional meals of Royal Thai Cuisine.

What makes our products special?

Thanks to our weekly deliveries of fresh products flown direct from Thailand, our new Blue Elephant Catering Section is able to provide the prestigious Royal Thai Cuisine at your disposal, when and wherever you feel tempted.

And our curry pastes are produced in our workshop in Bangkok according to secret recipes elaborated by our Blue Elephant Chefs.

These two main strengths make our production unique, original and most of all authentic.

Our products are preservative free, artificial coloring and flavor enhancer free: 100% Natural!