Our story

Sawadee and welcome to Blue Elephant, Copenhagen.

Experience the very best in Thai hospitality and cuisine at Blue Elephant, Copenhagen. With a reputation of authenticity and excellence, Blue Elephant stays true to the culinary culture and influences of Thailand. With an ambience that exceeds the imagination, Blue Elephant, Copenhagen is composed as a traditional Thai village surrounded by jungle flora. Three natively designed houses enclose a Thai market place with a majestic waterfall.

The menu at Blue Elephant, Copenhagen is a palette of traditions and novelties, catering to your palate. You can choose from a variety of unique dishes, from the past, present and future of Thailand’s gastronomic culture. Every delicacy we offer is prepared with the freshest ingredients from Thailand following recipes concocted by our world-renowned star chef, Khun Noroor Somany Steppe.

We are open 6 days a week for dinner.

Monday to Thursday: 06:00pm – 11:00pm
Friday and Saturday: 06:00pm – midnight
We are closed on Sundays.

We look forward to serving you some great food and drinks, so visit us at:

Blue Elephant, Copenhagen
Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel
DK-2300 Copenhagen S