Sabai Veggie Menu


  • ทอดมันข้าวโพด SPICY CORN CAKE

    Deep fried spicy corn cake with kaffir lime leaves,
    served with a sweet chili sauce.

    ยามะเขือดอยคาเจ DOI KHAM EGGPLANT SALAD 

    Inspired by Chef Nooror‟s collaboration with the Thai Royal Project Farms,
    grilled purple eggplant with herbal spiciness and a hint of truffle.

    ขนมจีบไส้ เผือก STEAMED THAI DUMPLINGS

    From the Royal Kitchen, dumplings of Pandanus leaves,
    stuffed with taro, yam, and Chinese black mushroom.

    สลัดงาขาวเต้าหู้ทอด TOFU SALAD

    Firm tofu with assorted Royal Project vegetables dressed in white sesame.