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  • อาหารว่างสมัยนิยมรวม PEARLS OF THE BLUE ELEPHANT

    An interesting and delicious selection of “BLUE ELEPHANT” starters
    and salads.


    From the Royal Kitchen, purple bird shaped dumplings of Butterfly Pea flowers,
    stuffed with minced chicken.

    เมียงคำ BETEL LEAF WRAPS 

    Thai traditional snack – Assortment of nuts and herbs served with caramelized
    coconut sugar, tamarind juice and shrimp paste wrapped in betel leaves.

    ลาบแซลมอน LARB SALMON 

    Our north-eastern Thai style salad using raw salmon, lemongrass,
    plenty of Thai herbs and secret local ingredients.

    ปอเปี๊ยะกุหลาบไก่บ้าน ROSE SPRING ROLLS

    Crispy rose-shaped spring rolls stuffed with minced free-range chicken,
    glass noodles, and shitake mushrooms, served with our sweet and sour chili dipping sauce.

    ทอดมันกุ้งกับยาส้มโอ CRISPY PRAWN CAKES WITH POMELO SALAD 

    Organic prawn cakes with a hint of Thai garlic and sweet corn, and a side of
    refreshing organic „golden honey‟ pomelo salad.

    โครเก็ตกุ้งเขียวหวาน NOOROR’S THAI-BELGIAN CROQUETTE 

    A sublime mélange where Belgium meets Thailand of wrapped organic
    prawns, accompanied by crispy parsley from the Royal Project Farm.

    ตับห่านซอสมะขาม TAMARIND FOIE GRAS

    Chef Nooror‟s famous creation of French goose liver with Thai golden tamarind,
    on a bed of sweet potato and basil.

    หอยเชลล์ย่างตะไคร้ซอสพริกไทยดา FRESH THAI SCALLOPS 

    Grilled Thai scallops with organic lemongrass, black pepper plus a hint of truffle.

    สะเต๊ะรวม (ไก่ และเนื้อกาแพงแสน) THAI BEEF AND CHICKEN SATAY (2 Sticks)

    Strips of „Kam Pang San‟ beef and Free Range chicken served with our
    homemade peanut sauce and mini cucumber salad.

    ห่อหมกปูทอด CRISPY CRAB SOUFFLÉ 

    Prawns, chicken and crab meat, served with our sweet chili sauce.

    ข้าวยาน้าบูดู BUDU RICE 

    Southern style „Budu‟ organic brown rice salad with butterfly pea flowers.