Thai Chine Building

The Thai Chine Building was built in 1903 and originally opened as the Bombay Department Store, in what was then the most exclusive and posh Bangkok neighbourhood of the time. The building was conveniently located within walking distance from the two best hotels in Siam, The Royal Hotel (the former Russian Embassy) and the illustrious Oriental Hotel.

In 1928, the Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce was founded by a group of affluent Chinese tycoons. These businessmen purchased the Bombay Department Store at a bargain price and, in January 1930, His Majesty King Rama VII inaugurated the new Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters.

During World War II the building was taken over by the Imperial Japanese Army who made it their Command Center. After the war, the building once again was the headquarters of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, who used it for offices and later for functions until the opening of their TCC Building, which sits behind the Thai Chine Building.

Cited by the Fine Arts Department, the building is an exceptional example of the colonial era architecture. Partially renovated in 2000, the building was fully and totally revitalized and restored two years later in 2002 to be transformed into the world-renowned Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant in Bangkok. And the rest is history…