Our Story

The fairytale story behind the birth of Blue Elephant Restaurants began once upon a time – in the late 1970s to be precise – in Brussels, Belgium when Master Chef Nooror Somany’s brother, who was studying Hotel Management there, persuaded his sister to join him for further education. At that time, he happened to be working at an antique shop owned by Mr. Karl Steppe in Brussels. It was love at first sight for Mr. Steppe and Master Chef Nooror; and that bond became stronger as they discovered that they shared many things in common: Apart from love and an appreciation of antiques and history, they both enjoy good food, share a great passion for cooking and culinary creativity, and last but not least, both share a propensity towards helping the underprivileged. They married after two years and had three children. In 1980, Master Chef Nooror’s good friends and Thai restaurant pioneers in Belgium, Mr. Chai Wayno and Mr. Somboon Insusri, convinced her and Mr. Steppe to start up a Thai cuisine restaurant, and thus was born the first Blue Elephant restaurant in Brussels in 1980. Soon afterwards, the Blue Elephant became one of Europe’s leading Asian restaurants. The renowned Blue Elephant London, which opened in 1986, further established the name, followed by Copenhagen and Paris in 1990 and 1991 respectively.

In the year 2000, Mr. Steppe and Chef Nooror discovered the Old Thai Chine Building and instantly fell in love with it due to its rich history and location on the equally historical Sathorn Road. The Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant Bangkok opened in this very building following renovations in 2002. And this is where the couple’s dream to develop and train chefs to understand and further spread the philosophy of Blue Elephant began to take shape. Since then the Bangkok branch has become a flagship Restaurant, and the rest is history…

Today there are nine Blue Elephant restaurants serving the best in Royal Thai Cuisine throughout Europe and the Middle East.

All Blue Elephant restaurants are beautifully decorated in an array of authentic Thai handicrafts and artwork. A large proportion of the food served at the Blue Elephant Restaurants is flown in fresh from Bangkok, handled by Blue Elephant Bangkok Co., Ltd., established in 1984, which maintains an active Thai-based supply and trading operation.